Nuthatches, Chickadees, Windy Pines

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Boreal Forest Birds
69:54 minutes $9.99 USD
Peaceful, serene, tranquility. Summer birds and breezes in the boreal forest.
Boreal Winter Birds
69:57 minutes $9.99 USD
A relaxing joyful recording of a large flock of birds. Constant trills and chirps.
Bullfrogs and Loons
70:00 minutes $9.99 USD
Mid-summer night recording of Bullfrogs and Loons. 70 minutes.
Bullfrogs and Loons
203:00 minutes $27.99 USD
Mid-summer night extended recording of Bullfrogs and Loons in the northern wilderness. 203 minutes.
White-Throated Sparrow
60:05 minutes $9.99 USD
Spring recording at dawn of the iconic North American forest whistler (and other birds).
Forest Birds in Summer
62:57 minutes $9.99 USD
Dawn. Birdcalls echo, creating a constantly shimmering rainbow of sound from the forest canopy above.
Relaxation Brook 2
69:53 minutes $9.99 USD
Specially made for relaxation. It is longer than Relaxation Brook and is composed with new recordings. Spring birds.
Relaxing Birds and Frogs
64:38 minutes $9.99 USD
a variety of wetland and forest birds, includes a loon flying overhead, and a pair of pilated woodpeckers.
Spring Owls and Frogs
18:01 minutes $4.99 USD
Great horned owls, night hawk wing beats, spring peepers, wood frogs at dusk in the boreal forest.
Relaxing Marsh Morning
64:55 minutes $9.99 USD
Relaxing sounds of American Bittern, and Red-Winged Blackbirds.
Drummers and Drillers
61:37 minutes $9.99 USD
It's that special time in spring when Ruffed Grouse (the drummers) and Woodpeckers (the drillers) are in their prime.
Goldfinch Babble
1:46 minutes $0.99 USD
A vibrant flock of chittering goldfinches.
Hermit Thrush Solo
4:02 minutes $1.99 USD
The Hermit Thrush call is ethereal, angelic, the song emanates, effortlessly evolving, as an expression inseparatible from the forest around it.
Sunny Spring Morning
60:13 minutes $9.99 USD
includes variety of sparrows, robins, finches, chickadees, crows, blue jays, herons, ducks, flicker, ruffed grouse, woodpeckers.
Late Winter Wilderness
68:12 minutes $9.99 USD
minimalist recording of late winter - nuthatches, goldfinches, red squirrels, hairy woodpecker.
Late Winter Wilderness
14:03 minutes $4.99 USD
same as above, only with less silence... still a minimalist recording of late winter
Nuthatches, Chickadees, and Windy Pines
4:13 minutes $1.49 USD
Nuthatches and chickadees talk as the wind gusts through pine trees
Wilderness Morning, Summer Solstice
2:35 minutes $1.49 USD
morning birds (ovenbird, junco, warbler, robin) and bullfrogs at the lake shore.
Blue Jay Cheer
0:56 minutes Free
Flock of happy Blue Jays
Broad-Winged Hawk
0:34 minutes FREE
Two Broad-Winged Hawks
Camp Alarm Clock
0:58 minutes FREE
Raven, Chickadees, Blue Jay.
Raven's World
2:44 minutes $1.49 USD
Raven calls as he flies with the wind.
Summer Island, Summer Solstice
3:05 minutes $0.99 USD
light waves splash on rocks as a sparrow sings.
Wild Turkey Gobble
0:03 minutes FREE only the preview is available at this time.
Wild Turkey Challenge
0:10 minutes FREE A male turkey challenges a rival over a hen.
Windy Woodpecker
65:43 minutes $9.99 USD
A woodpecker feeds with random pecks as the winter wind blows through the boreal forest.
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