Boreal Forest Birds © MP3

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Ladyslippers in the boreal forest

Refreshing, relaxing and restful, a repetitious wood warbler is this recording's featured performer. His melodic mantra floats on the forest breezes about every 10 seconds, each rendition is a unique marvelous harmony. The boreal forest here features soaring black spruce and jack pine. The forest floor is soft with thick luxurious moss which absorbs every step. Pink Showy Ladyslippers wave in the June breeze.

Listen with headphones and you hear the sounds of breezes ebb and flow, swirl and eddy, coasting from tree to tree and carressing every branch. The recording is deep in the remote forest, and the breezes serve to give context to the birdsong, highlighting each tree in succession as they meander by. A detailed, open and airy soundscape slowly evolves and manifests itself around the listener.

As the recording of Boreal Forest Birds © progresses, other birds and sounds enter the soundscape. The peaceful whistle of the white throated sparrow (a voice of golden honey!) drifting on a summer breeze embodies the tranquility of a hot summer day. Other birds include a gray jay, yellowthroat, vireo, and fainter birds. You may hear the flutterings of dragonfly wings, and the occasional bee buzzes by.

Boreal Forest Birds © features a long 10 second fade-in at the beginning and a slow fade-out at the end so there are no sudden disturbing interruptions when played looped. Boreal Forest Birds © is a natural soundscape recorded far away from human habitation and highways in the centre of peaceful serenity and tranquility: Wabakimi Provincial Wilderness Park, Northern Ontario, Canada. It is composed of edited and mixed digital stereo quasi-binaural field recordings. This recording technique produces a 3 dimensional audio image when listening with headphones. Encoded at a bitrate of 192 kps for quality listening. Every moment of this recording is unique. There are no loops.

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Buy the full length mp3 file for only $9.99!
Length: 69:54 minutes, File size: 96 MB ©

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