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Brook Waterfalls sounds: a natural source of white noise.

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The quality of a sound being relaxing does not have to be numbing or deadening! Our brains were developped to process natural stimulus in a natural world. Therefore, it is easier for the brain to handle sounds and images that are created by nature then sounds imitated by machines. The result is that the sounds and images of nature have a "rhythmic randomness" which is especially engaging yet very relaxing to our senses. These same qualities are not created very well by using programs or machines because of the complexity that is required.

All the sounds below are recorded in the natural world and reproduced using a 192 kps bit rate to give you a high quality listening experience.

Here is what one customer wrote:
"I downloaded your "Healing Falls" white noise MP3 a couple of nights ago to load into my iPod. It worked beautifully, completely shutting out the sound of the TV and allowing me to read in peace while the rest of my family watched TV in the same room with me."

"I listened to a couple of other white noise download files on other websites before choosing yours, and I definitely felt like I made the right choice! Your statement is completely accurate: even though it's recorded from a natural source, it's remarkably similar to electronically generated white noise recordings, the difference being that because yours is a recording of a waterfall, there is an additional...shall I say "depth" to yours that is somehow comforting."

White Noise

Song Name Sample Length Price Buy Notes
Afternoon Rain Relaxation
69:38 minutes $9.99 USD
a steady, constant intensity rain, short version.
Afternoon Rain Relaxation 2 hr
139 minutes $18.99 USD
a steady, constant intensity rain, long version.
Autumn Winds
69:53 minutes $9.99 USD
a fuller sound than "Summer Forest Breezes" or "Wind in Pines".
Brook Waterfalls
134:45 minutes $18.99 USD
smaller waterfall recorded quite close, giving detailed quality. 2 hour version for mp3 players (too long for CDs)
Brook Waterfalls
67:22 minutes $9.99 USD
smaller waterfall recorded quite close, giving detailed quality. hour-long version for burning a CD
Healing Falls (natural white noise)
129:07 minutes $18.99 USD
two-hour long version for mp3 players (too long for a CD)- natural source of white noise
Healing Falls (natural white noise)
64:44 minutes $9.99 USD
hour-long version for burning a CD. natural source of white noise. You can buy the CD here.
Gentle Rain Sleep
65:01 minutes $9.99 USD
sounds of soothing gentle rain
Peaceful Sleep Rain
69:53 minutes $9.99 USD
Peaceful Sleep Rain has a fuller sound than Gentle Rain Sleep.
Summer Forest Breezes
69:46 minutes $9.99 USD
Soft summer forest breezes (some birds in background)
River Gorge Sounds
69:53 minutes $9.99 USD
River recorded from the top of a cliff.
Spring River Sounds
70:00 minutes $9.99 USD
Light full-bodied running water sounds. Infused with the energy of Spring. 100% river sounds - nothing else.
Wilderness River
69:26 minutes $9.99 USD
mesmerizing ambient river sounds, some bird chirps
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