Autumn Winds - natural white noise - Boreal Forest sounds

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Autumn Winds - Boreal Forest © is a unique form of natural white noise that can be used for masking ambient noise. It is always changing and evolving - never stagnant or static. Autumn Winds © is an ebb and flow of natural white noise of moderate intensity. The leaves are still on the trees and their presence colours the noise of the wind with rustling whispers.

Recorded in September, a few small flocks of Canada geese can be heard as they pass far overhead, flying south for the winter. Other than that, there are no other bird or animal sounds - it is pure wind sounds.

Autumn Winds - Boreal Forest © features a long 10 second fade-in at the beginning and a slow fade-out at the end so there are no sudden disturbing interruptions when played looped. Autumn Winds - Boreal Forest © is a natural soundscape composed of edited digital stereo quasi-binaural field recordings. This recording technique produces a 3 dimensional audio image when listening with headphones. Encoded at a bitrate of 192 kps for quality listening.

Burning a CD? Here is a link to a free printable CD graphic: Autumn Winds © CD cover.

Buy the full length mp3 file for only $9.99!
Length: 69:53 minutes, File size: 96 MB ©
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