river sounds reflect river spirits

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Song Name Sample Length Price Buy Notes
Autumn River
70:00 minutes $9.99 USD 100% river sounds - nothing else. Great for masking everything but low rumbles.
Autumn River 2 Hr
155:34 minutes $18.99 USD Two and a half Hour Version - 100% river sounds - nothing else. No loops or repeats.
Boreal River Sounds
69:53 minutes $9.99 USD
Peaceful summer river, insects, and breezes in the boreal forest.
Daybreak on the Kennisis River
69:43 minutes $9.99 USD
Careful choice of the recording location gives extra life to this recording.
River Gorge Sounds
69:53 minutes $9.99 USD
River recorded from the top of a cliff yields an airy and spacious quality.
River Sounds
64:49 minutes $9.99 USD
Unique sounds of river eddies and circular swirls. Has a few bird chirps in the background.
Spring River Sounds
70:00 minutes $9.99 USD
Light full-bodied running water sounds. Infused with the energy of Spring. 100% river sounds - nothing else.
White Water River
65:53 minutes $9.99 USD
The power of white water. Contains only water sounds.
Wilderness River
69:26 minutes $9.99 USD
Mesmerizing ambient river sounds, some bird chirps

See also: Brooks, Streams, and Creeks.

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