Drummers and Drillers - relaxing and humorous ruffed grouse and woodpecker sounds

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Afternoon Rain Relaxation MP3
69:38 minutes $9.99 USD
a steady, constant intensity rain, short version.
Afternoon Rain Relaxation 2 hr MP3
139 minutes $18.99 USD
a steady, constant intensity rain, long version.
Beach Waves MP3
71:22 minutes $9.99 USD
summer recording of waves on a hot sandy beach
Boreal Forest Birds MP3
69:54 minutes $9.99 USD
Peaceful, serene, tranquility. Summer birds and breezes in the boreal forest.
Boreal River Sounds MP3
69:53 minutes $9.99 USD
Peaceful summer river, insects, and breezes in the boreal forest.
Boreal Winter Birds MP3
69:57 minutes $9.99 USD
A relaxing joyful recording of a large flock of birds. Constant trills and chirps.
Brook Sounds MP3
62:27 minutes $9.99 USD
recorded beside a spring brook with birds in the background. 1 hour version ideal for CDs
Bullfrogs and Loons MP3
70:00 minutes $9.99 USD
Mid-summer night recording of Bullfrogs and Loons. 70 minutes.
Bullfrogs and Loons MP3
203:00 minutes $27.99 USD
Mid-summer night extended recording of Bullfrogs and Loons. 203 minutes.
Creek Relaxation MP3
69:57 minutes $9.99 USD
Positively relaxing and invigorating pure water sounds.
Crickets Calming Sleep MP3
65:54 minutes $9.99 USD
also available on the "Crickets Calming" CD
Evening Crickets MP3
70:00 minutes $9.99 USD
hour-long version for CD burning - Relaxing, sublime 3-D Bliss, much more than crickets
Evening Crickets MP3
139:53 minutes $18.99 USD
2.5 hour version for MP3 player - Relaxing, sublime 3-D Bliss, and more than crickets
Daybreak on the Kennisis River MP3
69:43 minutes $9.99 USD
careful choice of recording location gives extra life to this recording.
Drummers and Drillers MP3
61:37 minutes $9.99 USD
It's that special time in spring when Ruffed Grouse (the drummers) and Woodpeckers (the drillers) are in their prime.
Forest Birds in Summer MP3
62:57 minutes $9.99 USD
Dawn. Birdcalls echo, creating a constantly shimmering rainbow of sound from the forest canopy above.
Forest Stream MP3
65:54 minutes $9.99 USD
a detailed clear crystalline recording of small stream. water sounds only.
Gentle Rain and Crickets MP3
65:10 minutes $9.99 USD
Sleepy light rain and peaceful crickets
Insect Buzz and Frogs MP3
17:18 minutes $4.99 USD
a peaceful buzzy "zeep" almost like crickets - recorded at dawn
Majestic Thunder MP3
68:08 minutes $9.99 USD
Majestic Thunder © MP3 is for thunder and storm lovers everywhere. It has an uncontrived natural presence with both very close lightening strikes and suspenseful pauses of silence.
Relaxation Brook 2 MP3
69:53 minutes $9.99 USD
Specially made for relaxation. It is longer than Relaxation Brook and is composed with new recordings.
Relaxing Birds and Frogs
64:38 minutes $9.99 USD
a variety of wetland and forest birds, includes a loon flying overhead.
Relaxing Marsh Morning MP3
64:55 minutes $9.99 USD
Relaxing sounds of American Bittern, and Red-Winged Blackbirds.
Rocky Shore Sounds MP3
65:37 minutes $9.99 USD
waves are the most irregular, and flat sided rocks yield different tonal effects, spray on rocks, loon and a pair of gulls fly by once, occasional background forest bird.
Rolling Thunder MP3
65:10 minutes $9.99 USD
relaxing light rain, constant distant thunder
Sandy Beach MP3
67:05 minutes $9.99 USD
breaking waves on distant off-shore sandbars as well as shore.
Sleepy Cricket Night MP3
62:50 minutes $9.99 USD
Peaceful sounds of a sleepy summer night...
Sleepy Night Sounds MP3
69:34 minutes $9.99 USD
Serene summer crickets and other insects near a creek.
Spring Night Frogs MP3
69:53 minutes $9.99 USD
Cute wood frogs featured, spring peepers are intermittent, owl background, some quiet spots, broad depth in recording.
Spring Owls and Frogs MP3
18:01 minutes $4.99 USD
Great horned owls, spring peepers, wood frogs at dusk in the boreal forest.
Spring Peepers Sleep MP3
69:53 minutes $9.99 USD
Features the night sounds of peepers and toads, without running water or wind.
Sticky Cricket Sleep MP3
63:54 minutes $9.99 USD
hour-long version for CD burning - slowly changing textures of insects and crickets
Stoney Beach Waves MP3
67:48 minutes $9.99 USD
hour long version, waves breaking over rounded rocks
Summer Creek Sounds MP3
69:30 minutes $9.99 USD
has crisp pristine presence with a natural clarity. running water sounds only.
Summer Creek Sounds MP3 2 Hours
119:11 minutes $18.99 USD
the 2 hour version, same crisp pristine presence with a natural clarity. running water sounds loops.
Summer Forest Breezes MP3
69:46 minutes $9.99 USD
Soft summer forest breezes (some birds in background)
Summer Island, Summer Solstice MP3
3:05 minutes $0.99 USD
light waves splash on rocks as a sparrow sings. (analogue recording)
Sunny Spring Morning MP3
60:13 minutes $9.99 USD
includes variety of sparrows, robins, finches, chickadees, crows, blue jays, herons, ducks, flicker, ruffed grouse, woodpeckers.
Surf Sounds MP3
66:52 minutes $9.99 USD
The sound of large breaking waves. A detailed powerful recording.
Thunder and Crickets MP3
62:44 minutes $9.99 USD
Distant thunder with close-up crickets.
Thunder and Rain Sounds
1 hour MP3
69:38 minutes $9.99 USD
For the love of thunder!
1 hour version.
louder overall rain and rumbles, also contains lots of sky crackles and medium distance thunder. For relaxation or ambience.
Thunder and Rain Sounds
2 hour MP3
139:00 minutes $18.99 USD
For the love of thunder!
2 hour version.
louder overall rain and rumbles, also contains lots of sky crackles and medium distance thunder. For relaxation or ambience.
Thunder Over the Mountain MP3
62:34 minutes $9.99 USD
Thunder is more variable in intensity and timing than Rolling Thunder. For relaxation and not sleep.
T'was a Froggie Froggie Night MP3
67:53 minutes $9.99 USD
the ultimate hour-long frog sounds - mostly bullfrogs and treefrogs.
Wall of Crickets MP3
17:26 minutes $4.99 USD
also available on the "Crickets Calming" CD
Whispering Waves MP3
63:12 minutes $9.99 USD
a delicate detailed recording of ambient sound that slips through the ears... and enters the soul...
White-Throated Sparrow MP3
60:05 minutes $9.99 USD
Spring recording at dawn of the iconic North American forest whistler (and other birds).
Wilderness Creek MP3
67:04 minutes $9.99 USD
playful water sounds, some bird chirps

"Rivers of Relaxation" - An album of 7 river recordings by Nature
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