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Waterfalls sounds: a natural source of pink noise.

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The quality of a sound being relaxing does not have to be numbing or deadening! Our brains were developped to process natural stimulus in a natural world. Therefore, it is easier for the brain to handle sounds and images that are created by nature then sounds imitated by machines. The result is that the sounds and images of nature have a "rhythmic randomness" which is especially engaging yet very relaxing to our senses. These same qualities are not created very well by using programs or machines because of the complexity that is required.

All the sounds below are recorded in the natural world and reproduced using a 192 kps bit rate to give you a high quality listening experience.

Pink Noise

Song Name Sample Length Price Buy Notes
Autumn River
70:00 minutes $9.99 USD 100% river sounds - nothing else. Great for masking everything but low rumbles.
Autumn River 2 Hr
155:34 minutes $18.99 USD Two and a half Hour Version - 100% river sounds - nothing else. No loops or repeats.
Kakabeka Falls
69:53 minutes $9.99 USD
Recording of largest and most powerful waterfall - has more sub-bass, and a less detailed, more spacious sound.
Medicine Falls Sleep
126:58 minutes $18.99 USD
2 hour version for mp3 players. natural source of pink noise. (has more bass than white noise)
Medicine Falls Sleep
63:34 minutes $9.99 USD
hour-long version for making a CD. natural source of pink noise. (has more bass than white noise)
Spirit Falls
61:41 minutes $9.99 USD
recorded quite close-up, a very bassy yet intimate sound
Surf Sounds
66:52 minutes $9.99 USD
The sound of large breaking waves. Not a steady volume like a waterfall.
130:55 minutes $18.99 USD
more spacious sounding than other waterfall recordings. This 2 hour-long version is for mp3 players. Not for CDs.
65:37 minutes $9.99 USD
more spacious sounding than other recordings. This hour-long version fits on a CD.
White Water River
65:53 minutes $9.99 USD
the power of white water. contains only water sounds.
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