CD Length Nature Sounds MP3s

All of these nature sounds mp3s are designed to fit and almost fill a CD. Of course, they can be used in any mp3 player. They are encoded as mp3s at 16 bit, 192 Kbs with a professional high-grade encoder set at maximum fidelity. Although some of these files date back 10 years, we currently record at 24 bit, 96,000 sampling rate, with editing facilities set at 64 bit accuracy. We believe that the result is a recording that has more clarity and transparency than ever before.

We think our customers should be able to enjoy their purchase as they desire, and we approve of them burning their MP3 files to CD-Rs. In many cases we supply free printable CD cover art on the MP3 information page.

Occasionally a customer requests a CD burned with one of these files. Although it is not considered our usual product, we do burn a CD-R on special request. We burn using the original .wav file for better audio quality. The CD case has a plain text label. The CD itself is printed with name and artwork in gray tones. (LightScribe CD) The cost is 9.99 (original mp3 file cost) and $8.99 for creating and shipping the CD-R. Total cost = $18.98.

Link to instructions and CD-R payment button.

hiking along the north shore of Lake Superior

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