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Length: 2:47 minutes, File size: 3.9 MB ©

Spooky Halloween © is a scary recording based on wild howls and lynx snarls. Additional wind and thunder are added to the mix to increase the Halloween ambience. Usually the microphones of Nature are pointed in a peaceful direction, but from time to time the microphones do pick up the unexpected. These howls and snarls are one of those scary instances.

One of the audio techniques of conveying horror is to record an actor who is pretending to be scared. What does this imply about recordings of actors do not know they are acting as is the case with "Spooky Halloween"? Here, two species have a "close encounter" that inspires both individuals to sound more scary than the opponent. A truly seasonal recording that portrays the Halloween essence.

Spooky Halloween © is a natural soundscape composed of edited and mixed digital stereo quasi-binaural field recordings. This recording technique produces a 3 dimensional audio image when listening with headphones. Encoded at a bitrate of 192 kps for quality listening. Disclaimers: This is NOT recommended for young children! No animals were put under duress in the making of this recording!

Buy the full length mp3 file for only $1.49!
Length: 2:47 minutes, File size: 3.9 MB ©
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