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Spring Night Frogs © is a perfect recording for relaxation and creating an ambience. It is a rare and unique spring environmental soundscape that is sure to please any frog lover. Wood frogs start the recording with their distinctive and unique almost quack-like croak. They have a fragile, child-like innocent sound that puts a smile on your face and tugs at the heart strings. Spring peepers are quick to follow, and later in the recording, boreal chorus frogs (with a sound like a finger on a comb) offer their calls. Through most of the recording, a soft owl hoots from the background.

It is the magic of spring when new life is unfolding, buds barely breaking, and most birds have yet to arrive from the south. Spring nights such as these are just starting to become active with the miracle of new life. In early spring, with the lands lack of greenery, the first sounds of spring echo and carry far and wide on the still fresh air. The night is a fleeting moment of magic that doesn't last long in the cycle of the year. There are number of moments throughout the night where the participants pause for a breather, allowing the listener to hear deep into the distance. These pauses reflect the natural transitions found in nature. Some moments are quite quiet, while others are loud and busy.

Spring Night Frogs © features a long 10 second fade-in at the beginning and a slow fade-out at the end so there are no sudden disturbing interruptions when played looped. Spring Night Frogs © is a natural soundscape composed from an original and unique edited digital stereo quasi-binaural outdoor recording. This recording technique produces a clear low noise 3 dimensional audio image when listening with headphones. Encoded at a bitrate of 192 kps for quality listening. Every moment of this recording is unique and true to its natural occurrence. There are no loops.

Burning a CD? Here is a link to a free printable CD graphic: Spring Night Frogs © CD cover.

Buy the full length mp3 file for only $9.99!
Length: 69:53 minutes, File size: 96 MB ©

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