Sunny Spring Morning © MP3

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Sunny Spring Morning

Sunny Spring Morning © features playful rhythms of birds in spring. It is early spring before the leaves are on the trees, and the recording begins in the pre-dawn light. The temperature is a few degrees below freezing, yet a lone spring peeper determinedly keeps steady time. Ruffed Grouse drum bass notes on logs, and woodpeckers tap rhythmically on trees.

Red-winged blackbirds call to each other nearby at the shore of the pond, while ducks splash and frolic back and forth in deeper water. From the towering Pines and firs, sparrows, robins, finches, chickadees, crows, blue jays and others enthusiastically add to the orchestral medley.

The sun rises to the sound of the whoop-whoop-whoop of a flicker who had just arrived from migration the day before. Beavers make their distinctive ker-splash with their wide tails towards the end of the recording. During the beaver splashes, a pair of Great Blue Herons flying north pass overhead. One of them is calling a nasal "rrrack" or "awwwk" on their northbound migration as another day begins.

Sunny Spring Morning © features a fade-in at the beginning and a fade-out at the end, so there are no sudden changes in sound volume when played looped. Sunny Spring Morning © is a natural soundscape composed of edited and mixed digital stereo quasi-binaural field recordings. This recording technique produces a 3 dimensional audio image when listening with headphones. Encoded at a bitrate of 192 kps for quality listening.

Buy the full length mp3 file for only $9.99!
Length: 60:13 minutes, File size: 82.7 MB ©
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