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A mystical union of echoing ravens and the haunting sounds of windy pines.

Raven's world is composed of segments recorded on a pine-covered rocky point that juts out into a small bay surrounded by tall rocky cliffs. Carpets of pine needles soften the rocky outcrops that were fashioned into this point by the last glaciers about 10,000 years ago. A small nearby deciduous shrub supplies the high whispering leaf sounds that blend with the bleak and death-like sounds of the windy pines.

Many myths and legends surround the raven. One of these myths tells how originally Raven had the most beautifully colored iridescent white feathers, and he had a voice that was the envy of all the other birds. Raven was very proud of his position of being the most beautiful in appearance and voice.

But Raven was not happy. He saw how much humans suffered. Having no fire at this time, humans suffered from the cold and had to eat all their food raw. Raven went to the sun god and asked to take fire to humanity but was forbidden to do so. He stole a firebrand from the sun god and took it down to earth and gave it to the humans. The sun god was not pleased, and caused the smoke of the firebrand to turn his feathers black. The god also took away his beautiful voice, and decreed that from that point on, Raven was only to eat carrion and be despised by others.

The myth illustrates one of humanity's greatest ideals:
To have such compassion for another that one would sacrifice everything that one holds dear. And further: to cause one's descendents to sacrifice those same things as well. It is comparatively easy for us to sacrifice ourselves for our immediate family, but Raven did this for people he wasn't close to.

-- this is Raven's World. Mixed and edited digital field recordings. Length: 2:44.

Buy the full length mp3 file for only $1.49!
Length: 2:44 Size: 3.8 MB ©

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