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It is late summer and the pines are releasing their cones of seeds. Chickadees and nuthatches cruise the upper trees eating the seeds as they go. The chickadees have the short chirps and musical notes, while the nuthatches mainly use a repetitive mew type call. There is a conversation in counterpoint between the two species of individuals.

This nature recording shows the diversity of calls and songs of both chickadees and nuthatches including a rare recording of nuthatch pizzicato "mumblings". As the birds interact with each other one can hear scolding calls from both species as well.

With all the moving air and gusty breezes, a recording site had to be chosen with care. A site was found that had close line-of-sight to the tops of large pines, and was protected from the wind by the leeward side of a granite outcrop. The constant breezes through the forest create a constant prevaling background noise.

Digitally recorded in early September on the Labour Day weekend, 2004 using a binaural baffle with omnidirectional microphones, Nuthatches, Chickadees, Windy Pines © is a natural soundscape composed of edited stereo field recordings. These recording techniques produce a 3 dimensional audio image when listening with headphones. Encoded at a bitrate of 192 kps for quality listening.

Buy the full length mp3 file for only $1.49!
Length: 4:13 Size: 5.9 MB ©
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