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Much has been written about the song of the hermit thrush (Catharus guttatus). For many, it is the quintessential woodland sound that defines summer. Ethereal, angelic, it's song emanates, effortlessly evolving, as an expression inseparatible from the forest around it. There are no percussive elements or sudden attacks of sound. The fundamental is subdued and the (usually hidden in other birdsong) overtones and note harmonics are emphasized and are somehow included with a purity of timbre.

While some songbirds sing with gusto, determination, and forcefulness, the hermit thrush sings with harmony, in harmony, effortlessly, and with precise articulated delicate detail. Each call is preceded by a pensive, respectful silence. And each call starts on a new fundamental note that is musically related to the previous song. It is easy to hear how the key modulations, phrases, and intonation of western music could be easily influenced and inspired by the Hermit Thrush. Many experts have written about, and studied the hermit thrush song. I have included my favorite links below.

This recording was made as the sun rose over the next ridge. The song filling the deep woods, its energy reflecting off of tree trunks beneath the canopy. Wisps of fog rise and dissipate from the forest floor in the same manner that the song gently rises and dissipates at it's finish. Dew is heard falling from the trees, little pats on the dried leaves on the forest floor around the microphones. A squirrel or mouse occasionally rustles nearby while another bird sings accompaniment in the background. Other than that, it was a very quiet morning with not the slightest whisper. Mid July. The sound of heat in the summer.

Encoded at 192 KBS for fine audio reproduction. Hermit thrush Solo © is a natural soundscape composed of edited digital stereo quasi-binaural field recordings. This recording technique produces a 3 dimensional audio image when listening with headphones.

Buy the full length mp3 file for only $1.99!
Length: 4:02 Size: 5.6 MB ©
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