A blue jay grabs a peanut

Blue Jay Cheer © MP3

Fifty screaming blue jays at daybreak! For the first time since I moved here, through the whole fall and winter of 03/ 04, I didn't see one single blue jay at the bird feeder. Then, in the early spring of 2004, when there was still six inches of snow on the ground, wild turkeys started to visit my place for the first time. I wanted to make them feel welcome so I could get some good recordings of them. I started putting out whole corn before the crack of dawn to give them something to eat. Within a week, daybreak started with 50 rejoicing, cheering blue jays! I realized that this would not work when the weather got warmer and I would be sleeping with the windows open at night. I switched the feed to chicken scratch and the visiting blue jay population fell dramatically. The turkeys enjoyed eating in relative quiet. Meanwhile, hear the frantic results.

This was recorded using a binaural baffle. It will give a 3–D listening experience when using headphones, and will sound like a regular stereo recording when played through speakers. Mixed and edited digital field recordings.

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