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Welcome to the best source of quality, original nature sounds recorded for sleep, relaxation or meditation. I guarantee your 100% satisfaction. These wilderness nature sounds are ideal for masking background noises, creating an ambience, and connecting with your inner peace. These are wilderness sounds, created with 100% pure professionally recorded nature sounds, free from musical instruments, artificial noises, loops, or background hiss/noise. Most are designed to fill a CD-R. Longer soundscapes are for mp3 players, tablets and phones.

These Nature sounds MP3s are finely encoded (created) with professional software set for maximum quality. This creates a clarity you can hear, and makes these mp3s among the very best available! I live and work in the country full time. This experience, coupled with my decades of musical, audio production, and artistic backgrounds enables me to find and share, these uniquely relaxing and beautiful ambiences. All of these sounds have been selected and recorded for their special musicality.

I am so confident in the quality, that if you are not completely 100% satisfied, you may ask for an exchange or a complete money refund. My policy is 100% satisfaction - no questions asked.

Karl Hamilton, owner of Nature

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Thunder and Rain Sounds MP3 download available here

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